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24-Book Wholesale Pack


Special pricing for retailers for orders of 24 books.

This 48-page coloring guidebook includes:

  • Entertaining story about a sea turtle’s migration
  • Beautifully designed easy to color pages
  • Conservation tips
  • Activities – crossword, word search, maze and more

“An Epic Adventure in the Ocean of Possibilities”

24-Book Package

Take an epic adventure with Kira, a Loggerhead Sea Turtle. This light-hearted story follows Kira’s migratory journey as she travels around the globe. Spark your creativity with unique coloring pages and activities. Learn about Loggerhead Sea Turtle anatomy, migration, diet, and more.

Sea turtles play an important role in our marine ecosystems. Discover why they are crucial to our planet and our survival.

This guidebook inspires kids of all ages to take action and help save one of the earth’s most mysterious and ancient creatures.

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